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San Pepe 09 RTB Tournament

March 9th, 2009

San Pepe 09 RTB Tournament: hace 9 años, 7 meses, 0 días, 6 horas, 35 minutos (Finished)

This year on the occasion of the San Pepe 09, it will be organized again, after several years, an RTB Tournament in the FIC (Coruña’s Computing Faculty). But this time it will be us who will organize it. there is going to be prize sured
for the winner and possibly for the second and the third place but it depends on our sponsor.

In the tournament can participate everyone who wants, it doesn’t matter if you are student or not. we encourage all of you to participate in the competition. And for all who would want to see it or just feel curiosity, they will can see it in live in one of the classrooms of the Faculty esignated for that purpose that day.

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XGN 09

March 3rd, 2009

Xuventude Galiza Net 10º: hace 9 años, 6 meses, 15 días, 10 horas, 35 minutos [Finished]

It is already here this year’s edition of the Xuventude Galiza Net, and like always do it gives us the posibility to present our robots to the RTB Tournament that takes place during the party.

Like you would posibly know, XGN is a meeting where people related or not with IT share 3 days full of fun, entertaiment, and extreme freakness. It is a place to do friends and to learn new things about IT thanks to the conferences that take place those days.

To attend to this party you have to folow 3 easy steps:

  1. Register as user in the XGN’s web (http:\\
  2. Pay much attention on Saturday March the 7th at 17:00 o’clock to do the preregistration. You have to be refreshing the page at that time o’clock because who obtains the seats are the first ones who are capable of preregistrating themself . This year ther are more seats, so you will have few minutes more to preregistrate yourself than last year.
  3. Pay 27 Euros if you have Youth Card, or 37 Euros for those who don’t have it the day the party begin.

Once above steps are done, you just become participant of this XGN’s edition.

The party’s day you just have to present your RTB robot through the party’s internal web page and wait until the hour battles begin.

Prizes encourage to participate, usually first clasified prize is valued in 500 or 600 Euros.

I hope all of you that can, will go and participate in this  wonderfull experience, and if you present a robot to RTB’s tournament I wish you very luck.

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