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XGN09 Tournament Evaluation

April 16th, 2009

We have just arrive from XGN09. This year’s tournament was celebrated later than the oficial hour and it lasted more than expected, but it was because there were more robots and in a lot of programming languages.

This year there were 31 robots, some of them didn’t work, but it didn’t mind because they didn’t passed the first round.

The tournament began with a previous round of 8 groups with 4 robots in eash one, the exception was the last group where there only were 3 robots. From each group 2 robots passed to the next round. In the next round there were 18 robots instead of 16 because of 2 draws in the first round, organized in groups of 4 robots (5 robots in two of them) and 2 passed to the Final. The 8 robots that reached the Final figth ones to each other like if it were a league, when it finished two robots had to fight again to decide the third position because they had draw previously.

The prize for the winner was a printer and a disk media player.


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