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October 30th, 2007

In first place we are going to introduce ourselfs. We are 3 Information Technologies Engeneering students of the Coruña’s Computing Faculty (FIC)  that want to introduce the RealTimeBattle, a robot programming game:

- Leandro Regueiro <unho_fic@hotmail.com> To avoid spam

- Jose Alfonso Mora <josealfonsomora.(AT).gmail.(DOT).com>

- Sergio Padin <ingspv01.(AT).gmail.(DOT).com>

- E-mailing list: <rtbfic.(AT).googlegroups.(DOT).com>

Today we present you this novel proyect where we’ll pretend to combine everything related to the RealTimeBattle. As you will know, the RealTimeBattle is an almost unknown game and  very little extended, so it needs people like us and you to disseminate it. In this blog we are going to try to post all progresses we’ll do on robots programming, as well as tutorials and APIs where all of you can collaborate, and we’ll pretend to develop too some “good” documentation, because the documentation you can find in the official page is not too good, in the RealTimeBattle have to colaborate all of us and help ones to each others because an only person is not enough to carry out all this tedious work. We are students, so we only can do this in our free time and in crazy nights while we are wasting time.


  1. ginger
    October 31st, 2007 at 10:38 | #1

    Bueno , enhorabuena por la inauguracion de la página, y aver si teneis éxito … :)

    Pos nada yo ace unos cuantos meses que tengo instalado el RealTimeBattle , pero claro mis conocimientos de informática son sólo a nivel usuario y poco más, asique no tengo ni pajolera idea de programar …. no creo que me hecheis un mano ya que se que es un poco dificil (programar) y requiere mucho tiempo aprender a hacerlo,…

    en fin pos hay queda este comentario

    ciao que tengais mcuho éxito

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