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Open Sessions 2011

March 22nd, 2011

This year GPUL organizes again the Open Sessions, as it has been done these last years. In the four days these sessions last, there will be done conferences about Free Software projects, workshops to learn using some FSw technologies, and even, as it could not be missing, a RealTimeBattle tournament where players will be able to test their skills in robots programming, making them fight ones with eash others.

Between workshops, we have to mention one about how to program RTB robots using different programming languages. It will be a very simple workshop, where people who never made an RTB robot achieve enough skill to do it simply and fast, so if they want they can take part in the RealTimeBattle tournament that is organized for the last day.

  • XL 2011 RTB Tournament: hace 7 años, 7 meses, 13 días, 13 horas, 52 minutos
  • Open Sessions 2011: hace 7 años, 7 meses, 16 días, 16 horas, 22 minutos

In the next image they can be seen a little summary about each speech of the four days of Open Sessions.

Open Sessions 2011

Open Sessions 2011

For those who want to help to share this Open Sessions 2011 with others, or to check easily hours and places of the speechs, here there is the original pdf.

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