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San Pepe 09 RTB Tournament

March 9th, 2009

San Pepe 09 RTB Tournament: hace 9 años, 7 meses, 0 días, 6 horas, 36 minutos (Finished)

This year on the occasion of the San Pepe 09, it will be organized again, after several years, an RTB Tournament in the FIC (Coruña’s Computing Faculty). But this time it will be us who will organize it. there is going to be prize sured
for the winner and possibly for the second and the third place but it depends on our sponsor.

In the tournament can participate everyone who wants, it doesn’t matter if you are student or not. we encourage all of you to participate in the competition. And for all who would want to see it or just feel curiosity, they will can see it in live in one of the classrooms of the Faculty esignated for that purpose that day.

Below  you can see the instructions to participate and it is explained how the battles are going to be done:

  • To participate yo have to send a mail with subject “Registration” indicating your name and surname to the e-mail account rtb.sanpepe09@gmail.com until March 17 at 12:00:00
  • It only could be presented one robot per competitor and every robot must contain the compilation instructions and they have to be licensed under GPL.
  • Death line to send your robots will be March 17 at 23:59:59 with subject “Robot: robot_name” and indicating too who present it, to the e-mail account: rtb.sanpepe09@gmail.com
  • Tournament’s day, robots will be downloaded and compiled.
  • Tournament will be done with default options, except battle time between robots that will be 90 seconds instead of 120 ( to reduce tournament’s duration)
  • There is going to be a final league with 6 to 9 robots that will fight one to each other twice in 1 vs 1 battle. If there were more robots than 9  registrated in the tournament there could be some knockout rounds, so only 6 to 9 robots will pass to the final.

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    Na seguinte ligazón tedes apis e exemplos para facer o teu bot


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